Survivors Reveal Horrific Conditions and Tragic Events in Greece Boat Disaster

• Survivors of a boat disaster near Greece have given accounts of traffickers in North Africa cramming them into a clapped-out fishing trawler.
• They described hellish conditions with no food or water.
• Some survivors claimed that the Greek coastguard’s attempt to tow the overloaded trawler caused it to capsize.
• Survivors have told judicial authorities about the tragic events.

It is heart-wrenching to hear the firsthand accounts of the survivors in this boat disaster near Greece. The inhumane treatment and harrowing conditions they endured at the hands of traffickers are appalling. It is tragic that their already desperate situation was made worse by the actions of the Greek coastguard. This incident highlights the urgent need for increased efforts to combat human trafficking and provide safe and legal migration options. The international community must come together to address these issues and ensure the protection and well-being of migrants. Nobody should have to endure such suffering in their search for a better life.

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