UN Space Agency Vigilant Over Threat Posed by Near-Earth Objects – Key Points and Efforts Discussed to Tackle the Issue

UN Space Agency Vigilant Over Threat Posed by ‘Near-Earth Objects’

Key Points:

  • The UN Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) is using International Asteroid Day to raise awareness about the threat posed by near-Earth objects (NEOs).
  • There are currently over 18,000 NEOs identified, with 2,000 of them classified as potentially hazardous.
  • UNOOSA is working to improve international cooperation and coordination to develop strategies for detecting and responding to NEOs.
  • Efforts are being made to strengthen scientific research, enhance observation capabilities, and develop technologies to mitigate the potential impact of NEOs.
  • Space missions, such as NASA’s DART mission and the European Space Agency’s Hera mission, are planned to study and test methods for asteroid deflection.
  • Public engagement and education are crucial to ensuring global preparedness and response to any potential asteroid threats.

Closing Paragraph:

The threat posed by near-Earth objects is something that cannot be ignored. The UN’s efforts to raise awareness and improve international cooperation in dealing with this threat are commendable. It is essential for governments, space agencies, and the public to work together to develop strategies, enhance observation capabilities, and invest in research and technology to mitigate the potential impact of NEOs. By staying vigilant and informed, we can ensure that the world is prepared to respond effectively to any future asteroid threats.

Original Article: https://www.globalissues.org/news/2023/06/30/34136

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